Paweł Czerwiński - Voo Voo VooMy name is Paweł Czerwiński. Sailing is my passion. I have been doing it for many years already. I started as a 14 years old boy at Mazury Lakes in Poland. Since 2004, every year, I have spent a few weeks at sea. Mainly at Adriatic and the Mediterranean. I have a Caribbean experience, too. While sailing I force only two rules: it must be safe on the deck, and all people aboard should have fun. I'm against setting strict shifts (cooking, navigation, sailing). My crews are my guests, and I always treat them with respect and every morning I greet them with a smile. Many people are afraid of a sea, and I think it's a huge mistake. A sea is a beautiful element. Nobody should be afraid of it, but everybody should feel respect and enjoy its existence...

I usually captain the boats under the insign of the private, non-profit Sailing Whale Club, which has been founded by my sailing Guru, Adam Bazylczyk. Together we are capable of organizing and driving a fleet of three yachts, which could be an interesting option for companies or bigger groups of friends who'd like to integrate and have fun together.

This page is NOT focused on profits. I make money in different ways :-) Being a skipper has been always my dream and this is the way I make my dreams to come true. Usually, for covering the costs of my trip and paying for my food and drinks (not necessarily an alcohol :-)), I offer my helps in finding the right yacht, travelling support, and of course peace of the mind for all crew members when already boarded. I like to share my knowledge with others, so if there are people interested in the sailing craft, I'm happy to explain how to navigate and how to do things.

Currently I recommend sailing on a Polish built yacht, Delphia 40.3 in Croatia (Dalmatia). The yacht has four double cabins providing comfort for 8 people. It's also fitted with two bathrooms/WCs. In the high season, which is July-September, one week of sailing is 250-325 €, depending on the number of people in the crew. The price includes yacht's charter, dinghy and the outboard engine for it. Additional cost is 150 € for cleaning/transit log. You also need to get your and myself to the location of your choice, and get a holiday insurance. All the supplies are covered from the yacht's bank in which every crew member participates. Usually, 100 € per head is more than enough for the whole week. This money is used to purchase food for the whole crew, mooring at marinas, fuel, final cleaning and optionally a deposit insurance.

If a 40-footer is too small for you or if you fancy a catamaran sailing, I will be happy to help you finding a yacht that suits your dreams, needs and budgets. Thanks my contacts among charter brokers, I'm able to find extraordinary deals with discount which are not available for all. So just in case, you might find my help useful here, too.

Sailing with Voo Voo Voo